Sentiment data

1,"I like it "
1,"like it a lot "
1,"It's really good "
1,"Recommend! I really enjoyed! "
1,"It's really good "
1,"recommend too "
1,"outstanding performance "
1,"it's good! recommend! "
1,"Great! "
1,"really good. Definitely, recommend! "
1,"It is fun "
1,"Exceptional! liked a lot! "
1,"highly recommend this "
1,"fantastic show "
1,"exciting, liked. "
1,"it's ok "
1,"exciting show "
1,"amazing performance "
1,"it is great! "
1,"I am excited a lot "
1,"it is terrific "
1,"Definitely good one "
1,"Excellent, very satisfied "
1,"Glad we went "
1,"Once again outstanding! "
1,"awesome! excellent show "
1,"This is truly a good one! "
1,"What a nice restaurant."
1,"What a nice show."
1,"what a great place!"
1,"Great atmosphere"
1,"Definitely you should go"
1,"This is a great!"
1,"I really love it"
0,"it's mediocre! not recommend "
0,"Not good at all! "
0,"It is rude "
0,"I don't like this type "
0,"poor performance "
0,"Boring, not good at all! "
0,"not liked "
0,"I hate this type of things "
0,"not recommend, not satisfied "
0,"not enjoyed, I don't recommend this. "
0,"disgusting movie "
0,"waste of time, poor show "
0,"feel tired after watching this "
0,"horrible performance "
0,"not so good "
0,"so boring I fell asleep "
0,"a bit strange "
0,"terrible! I did not expect. "
0,"This is an awful "
0,"Nasty and horrible! "
0,"Offensive, it is a crap! "
0,"Disappointing! not liked. "
0,"The service is a nightmare"